Lawyers in the Netherland

Hamer Advocaten is a local Dutch law firm. We are established in Bussum, a local town on the outskirts of Amsterdam from which we practice nationwide. We specialize in several law fields and all our lawyers are experts in their relative fields of law. All our lawyers our members of The Dutch bar Association. The complexity of the Dutch Legislation requires the help of specialized legal aid for your case. If you ask us for help, you can be ensured that you receive the help you need.

Our goal is to give you expert legal advice at a local fee. All our lawyers are fluent in English and we regularly represent expats in the Netherlands with all their legal issues.

Practice areas

Employment law

Kicky Hamer has practiced law for over thirty years with an immediate focus on employment law. Kicky Hamer is a member of the VAAN, the Dutch Association of labour lawyers. She can help you with any employment issues. Besides being a member of the Bar, Kicky is also a registered mediator. If you have any question with regard to employment law, you can reach her at

Real Estate and Construction Law

Moshe Beukers has clerked several years at the court of the Northern Netherlands before starting her own practice. Moshe specialized in real estate law, administration law and construction law. . Clients applaud her for a personal touch combined with the expertise that is needed. If you have any question with regard to real estate or construction law, you can reach Moshe at

Criminal law

Our firm has over twenty years of expertise with regard to criminal law. We’ve helped countless of suspects and victims with advice during interrogations at the police stations and representation in court. Michiel Schimmel is our go to specialist with any questions on criminal law. You can reach Michiel at

Other fields of law

If we have no experience with your question, we’ll refer you to a lawyer who has. You can always call us with any legal question and we'll get you the best legal aid possible.


Legal costs vary from case to case and depend or your specific situation. If you call us for help, we will always discuss this with you, so you won’t be surprised. Depending on your case we can work pro deo (op basis van gefinancierde rechtsbijstand), or we can ask your legal insurance to cover our costs.


We prefer it if you contact us by e-mail, our e-mail is If you prefer to call us, you can call us at business hours on +31 35 69 44 8 33 or leave a message on our contact page.